About Us

Evaluate more DUI clients daily without
diminishing the quality of your reports
and service to your patients.

MHECi Founder

Art Caines is on a journey to digitally transform the mental health industry with MHECI, a SaaS based multi-tenant application that was designed and built for specific markets.  

Mr. Caines is a high tech industry veteran. He have many years of industry expertise.

We recognized that most software companies are in the business of designing generic software to capture as much market share as possible, while forcing clients continue spending on customization to meet their requirements. We believe this is an antiquated software development model that provides very little long-term value to the market.

MHECI has been designed for a specific purpose and industry which means that the underlying architecture requires minimal customization. This enables us to deliver products that are both cost effective and easy to use. For our clients, this translates into immediate return on investment by getting up and running immediately with user adoption levels that out-perform the competition.